Tuesday, February 5, 2008


God appeared to King Solomon one night in a dream and told him that whatever he request, that he would grant to him. Solomon only asked for wisdom to lead the people. God was pleased with Solomon request. Not only did he grant Solom great Wisdom, but he also granted him all the riches that he could ever want or need, and he also added long life to him.
1 Kings 3



King David takes another mans wife, (Uriah) he was a soldier in David's army. Because he wanted Bathsheba, Uriah wife, he ordered his commander Joab to put Uriah on the front line of a battle and told him to pull the men back,,,,, Uriah was slain
This story only tells us that we all fall short and make terrible mistakes, although we are held accountable, God will forgive us
2 Samuel 11-12


This church is built on the site where Moses is thought to have died. The Bible said that he died on Mount Nebo, but that no one knew exactly where. Moses was suppose to take the Israelites into the Promise Land (Canaan) but God would not let him go because he disobeyed God.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Mount Sinai is said to be the Mountain that God gave Moses the Laws & The Ten Commandments


Manna was given by God to the Israelites children to substain them while they were wandering in the wilderness
Exodus 16-17